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Mr. JEi

2019-07-03 16:22:10 | Profile
is that riff sampled? if yes, from which song?


2019-03-24 13:10:27 | Profile
i feel this song is about depression. the emptiness and emancipation, of your own being-

Half-Assed Gaming

2019-02-07 10:52:58 | Profile
And saying that the artist "CAN learn to play guitar well" is not really showing much respect for the artist. It implies a lack of proficiency on the part of the creator.

Roland Lakasa

2019-01-17 00:16:34 | Profile
there once was a band named FLIPPER.......

Серёга_ Play

2018-11-03 16:44:38 | Profile
The Gorburger Show! brought me here

Marcela Pacheco

2018-10-15 18:08:14 | Profile
Homophobic bigots dont have the mental CAPACITY to spell properly.

Kc Kims

2018-10-14 10:22:07 | Profile
Night work brought me here Sweet sweet insomnia

Deded asmarahady

2018-10-09 12:44:58 | Profile
I like this better than the later version

Саня Морской

2018-10-08 19:49:12 | Profile
People here criticising the guitar are missing the point. The guitar is intentionally minimal and provides just enough tension and grit. Proficient riffage and solos would miss the point.

salomon stuardo

2018-10-07 18:26:02 | Profile
Can definitely hear the PJ Harvey influence on this one

Елена Оглезнева

2018-10-04 16:44:45 | Profile
Instead of being defensive, find the confidence to take a chance, and actually re-work the guitar parts in a way that are as interesting as her voice. The guitar parts are distracting and do her voice no justice. You CAN learn how to play guitar well---without being "commercial." There can be a fine line between a "gimmick" and not knowing how to play well. Playing guitar well is not necessarily "selling out."