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Gabriel Asuncion

2019-06-16 13:50:52 | Profile
garbage hipster shit video for a great song. fuck yall buffoons

Aeve Nova

2019-01-30 07:38:12 | Profile
That was perfect, reminds me of my time in Seattle

krešimir šimović

2018-12-17 02:36:52 | Profile
why do people ALWAYS "try" to be unique in their videos. Its like "no, we can tell your just "trying" too hard. it just looks the same as the others who "try" to be unique. (FYI Beck already did it)... Epic Fail, I WIN, next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Cook

2018-10-21 09:15:27 | Profile
Still stops me in my tracks every time I hear it. Beautiful, timeless melancholy.

Naye bazaldua

2018-10-14 09:29:48 | Profile
an unlike for the fish part. maybe you dont know what you did.great work otherwise

Moonshine Harkness

2018-10-13 23:33:40 | Profile
Wow... really awesome video. Props to the director and team for making this really cool piece for this great classic song. Well done good Noisey.

Marlon Fontinele

2018-10-13 22:36:24 | Profile
I dont know why but this song always invokes a strong emotional reaction from me. Absolutely wonderful.


2018-10-12 06:06:49 | Profile
A most Beloved song.... <3

Seuta Kim

2018-10-08 22:14:01 | Profile
They should have had her turn round at the end.

ak .fortyseven

2018-09-24 08:22:17 | Profile
The feelings this song gave to me are amazing!