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Kira Shawn

2019-06-07 06:48:21 | Profile
Fuck this song. The police are the only thing that keep this country in working order.

Adam Santos

2019-05-03 17:13:43 | Profile
fuck tha police yeah

Robert H. Brennan

2019-01-26 15:51:13 | Profile
Eazy e looks like Ryder from gta SA


2018-12-09 23:59:28 | Profile
Lol they did this song in Greensboro colosseum and shut it down... the police rushed the stage and they had to run off stage!

0s 100noçãO'h

2018-09-30 08:10:15 | Profile
Good songgggggggggggg

super duper

2018-09-28 00:09:57 | Profile
I was born 1994 i grew up listenin to this kind of rap


2018-09-27 12:51:04 | Profile
The last 18 yrs were completely vacuous in my opinion. True rap died with the turn of the century. Everything since is hipop

maecee paras

2018-09-21 06:56:42 | Profile
Cops got to fuck with anyone no matter where u live i get fucked woth by cops all the time for no reason its bullshit reallyFUCK THE POLICE ALL DAY EVERYDAY

Flo t

2018-09-12 03:03:19 | Profile
A lot of time has passed and most of the cops too. But then again.. Fuck police...